Dewey Family Ministries

A Musical Experience To Remember!

Why we do it

Reason one

The call of God was a mandate upon Levoy as a young boy in the wheat fields of Nebraska. He began dreaming about his future in music. Every turn along the way prepared him, including his marrying Cleon. Lo these fifty-five plus years hence, the foremost drive that propels their lives is pursuing the call of God.

Reason two

Seeing people’s lives changed and hearts encouraged are addictions that bring true and enduring joy to us. The numerous reports of youngsters who have sung our songs or been inspired to play an instrument; also, the stories of someone who was touched in one of our services draws us back to write another song and plan another meeting. The Word of God does not return void, so we have the privilege of proclaiming His Truth in message, songs and instrumental music.

Reason three

There are eternal delights that await the faithful. When the last mile has been traveled and we lay earth’s heavy burdens down, we will finally be at home with Jesus. Our yearning to be with Him throughout the endless eons of eternity and be united with those who’ve gone before is what motivates us to get up and go yet another mile. That’s why we say “Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter All The Time.”




Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time

by Levoy Dewey

The Next Time I See You Might Be In Heaven

by Levoy Dewey

We've Got To Tell Them About Jesus

by The Deweys

What our FANS say

I never have forgotten when sis Dewey prayed for me at St Full Gospel in Independence, MO and God touched me. You all are such Godly people and in my prayers. Hope I can see you all soon are you coming this way with Christian love.

Louise Bootsie Holloway Trout

“Love this. Your ministry played an important role in my life. So glad to see you still ministering. I’m still a part of leading worship. Our girls are both in the ministry. It is no secret what God can do!!!! Would love to see you. If you are ever in Tulsa let us know. ”

Beverley Haynes Jackson

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